Portrait & Fashion Photographer

So! My name is Julija, but you can call me Julia. I was born and raised in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius and speak Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.
I'm a London based portrait and fashion photographer and a former makeup artist. 
How did I end up with such an uncanny skillset?
Well, it started back in 2008, when my dad bought the first point and shoot camera. I immediately became obsessed with it and was photographing everything I saw and was bringing the camera everywhere I went. Then in 2010, I was studying in college in Hull and picked up a photography course as part of A-levels.
There I learned the basics of studio lighting, film development, discovered famous photographers and even managed to sell a photo at an exhibition.

After I finished college, I went to London to study Business Management, and photography became just a hobby of mine. It remained a hobby as I proceeded to work in marketing for another couple of years after uni.
As time went on, and office work drained more and more life from me, I became fascinated with something artsier... Like makeup!
Creative makeup to be more precise.
I worked as a freelance makeup artist for some time after my 9-5 office jobs until eventually, I became a full-time makeup artist.
At that point, I decided to expand my portfolio with some fresh creative makeup looks, so I started collaborating with different local models and photographers. I met some amazing talents that way but always felt the urge to get behind the camera and shoot myself as I would be more in control of the final result.

So I decided to just do it and soon enough, my work was published in Vogue Italia, Marika, Lensational and Art of Portrait magazines.
At the moment, I realised that this is where I want to be and what I want to do. I believe that everybody is beautiful in their unique way and you should celebrate it. I want to make you look and feel beautiful by capturing your precious moments.
I am looking forward to working with you, and I will ensure that you'll get only top-notch quality work from me. Because by keeping my clients happy, I will be able to keep doing work that keeps me happy.
It's obviously a win-win situation for both of us, so hurry up, scroll down and drop me a "Hi Julia, lets work together!".